5 Things to Know About WonderWorks

20 Jan

WonderWorks If you are a parent with curious kids who want to play and learn, WonderWorks is the museum for your family. This topsy turvy Pigeon Forge attraction features over 100 exhibits for your children to explore. Here are five things to know about this unique museum before you go:

1. WonderWorks has its origins on a desert island.

Legend has it that WonderWorks used to be a state of the art laboratory on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Professor Wonder and his team of brilliant scientists were trying to invent the world’s first man-made tornado, when their experiment started to go awry. Believe it or not, an enormous vortex picked up their laboratory and carried it all the way to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

2. The museum is upside down.   

When you come to WonderWorks, the first thing you will notice is that the entire museum is upside down! Fortunately, the scientists at WonderWorks invented an inversion tunnel for guests to use when they enter the attraction. This wondrous device will get you right side up again, so you can enjoy all of the museum’s exhibits.

3. You will feel the sensation of an earthquake.

Guests at this Pigeon Forge attraction will have the chance to feel what it is like to be in a earthquake! When you take a seat at the Quake Cafe, you’ll experience the force of a tremor that measures 6.0 on the Richter Scale.

4. You will move a ball with your mind.

Have you ever wished you had psychic powers? You can feel the power of telekinesis with the Mind Ball exhibit. Guests wear a headband with electrodes on it and use their brain waves to move a ball across a table. The same technology is used to train cadets at the West Point military academy.

5. Guests at our cabins can get in for free.

When you stay at Hearthside, Auntie Belham’s or Diamond Mountain Cabin Rentals, you will receive one free adult admission to WonderWorks. Read this blog to learn more about our free attraction tickets!