Top 5 Pigeon Forge Family Fun Attractions

18 Jun

Add a little extra fun and excitement to your next family vacation by experiencing one of these entertaining Pigeon Forge family fun attractions during your visit. From skydiving to horseback riding to log cutting, you are sure to find something you love on this list.

1. Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly? Well, now is your chance thanks to the friendly folks at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge. Here, you get to feel what it is like to soar several feet above the ground. This is the only attraction in the area that can give you an experience like this.

We always recommend this fun attraction for families and guests looking to try something new during their vacation. Indoor skydiving is a great way to create new memories and take yourself out of your comfort zone. Besides, what are vacations for if not the time to be a little more adventurous?

2. Country Tonite Theater

Country Tonite music show in Pigeon Forge sign at nightVoted the best show in the Smokies, Country Tonite Theater combines traditional country ballads with American patriotism to create one of the most entertaining shows you will see. In addition to the music, the cast also brings a refreshing level of comedy to their act to help make the evening even more enjoyable. The best part is that Country Tonite is the only show in the area to incorporate child stars into their show, so there is a cast member that every member of your family can relate to.

Before the curtain rises, don’t forget to swing by the concession stand and pick up a cold drink or hot bag of popcorn to enjoy throughout the festivities.

Lumber Jack Feud close up3. Lumberjack Feud

Have you ever seen someone climb a tree with their bare hands? What about someone balancing on a log? If not, then you are in for a real treat when you go visit the real-life lumberjacks at the Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show in Pigeon Forge.

Here, you and your family and friends will cheer on your favorite lumberjack as he competed for the top honors of the night. To make the event even more entertaining, the show also incorporated flying dogs and live music to entertain you.

Even better, you get a three-course meal to enjoy as you watch the show! This means that you get to kick back and enjoy the lumberjacks in action as you devour a delicious meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourself. That is what we call an amazing evening.

4. Five Oaks Riding Stables

girl riding horses at Five Oaks Riding StablesDiscover a new side of Pigeon Forge that you never have before by touring the foothills of the Smoky Mountains on horseback, just like the early settlers once did. At Five Oaks Riding Stables, you and your family or group are invited to show off your equestrian side on one of the attraction’s guided tours.

Five Oaks Riding Stables has two different trails and over 60 different horses for you and your group to choose from during your visit. All of the horses have a calm temperament and are perfect for your trip, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or if this is your first time.

woman riding a zip line at Adventure Park Zip Lines in Pigeon Forge5. Adventure Park Zip Lines at Five Oaks

If learning to fly at Flyway was a little too intense for you, then maybe you will enjoy trying your hand at learning how to fly on a zip line instead. Adventure Park Zip Lines at Five Oaks is one of the most popular ziplines in Pigeon Forge.

Their lines take you roughly 400 feet off the ground and bring you to some of the most majestic views of the mountains you can imagine. The park expands over 70 acres, so there will be no shortage of fun and adventure during your visit.

Zip lining at Adventure Park is a great Pigeon Forge family fun activity no matter how old you are. Because you are attached to the zip line the entire time, there is no major physical exertion during the ride, so you don’t have to worry about being in shape. Plus. younger kids can ride in tandem with their parent or legal guardian.

Driving Directions to Our Favorite Pigeon Forge Family Fun Attractions

For help getting to any of these fun and exciting attractions, use the map below!

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