Dollywood Brings International Entertainment to Pigeon Forge

04 Feb

African dancing Bienvenido! Benvenuto! Willkommen! Why are we practicing our Spanish, Italian and German? Because we’re excited for the Dollywood Festival of Nations! From March 22 through April 21, music, dancers, chefs, and artists from all around the world will come to Pigeon Forge to share their culture with the guests at Dollywood. With four weeks of fun, you will have plenty of chances to take part in this popular Pigeon Forge event.

International performers will take the stage at four different locations in the theme park: Showstreet, Craftsmans Valley, Rivertown Junction, and the Village.  For your convenience, we have organized a list of the shows by location.


  • Mother Africa is a collection of 26 artists hailing from various countries across the African continent. Their world class show combines acrobatics, live music and traditional dance.
  • Atahualpa celebrates Incan culture with authentic music from the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.
  • La Danza de Colombia brings high energy Colombian dancing to the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • Unicycle is a high wire act you’ll have to see to believe. You will hold your breath when this Ethiopian daredevil performs acrobatic stunts on a unicycle suspended high in the air.
  • Zebra Steizentheater are a group of German stilt walkers. Dressed in Bavarian folk costumes, these performers will walk, run, and even jump along the streets of Dollywood.

Craftsmans Valley

  • Strings on Fire showcases the virtuoso harp playing of Paraguay’s Mariano Gonzalez.
  • Buddy McDonald Trio celebrates Celtic heritage with folk music from Ireland, Scotland and Canada.

Rivertown Junction

  • Moscow Nights brings Russian folklore to life with music performed on traditional instruments like the balalaika and the accordion.
  • The Zambian Vocal Group is an acapella Christian music ministry. These unique performers combine African rhythms with moving harmonies to create inspirational and uplifting music.


  • Piano Ballet is a one of a kind moving concert. A drivable piano from Italy will cruise around the park with a classically trained ballerina dancing on top.
  • Streichmusik Alder enchants audiences with traditional music from the Swiss Alps. Keep an ear out for the best yodeling you’ll ever hear in your life!

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