Experience The Future of Movie Theaters in Gatlinburg

20 Jan

Ripley's 5D Moving TheaterHow would you like to race through the galaxy in a spaceship? Or maybe you would rather slide down a snowy mountain at breakneck speeds? When you visit Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater you can experience both of these fantastic adventures! Using the latest technology, this popular Gatlinburg attraction will take your family on an unforgettable virtual ride.

Five Dimensions of Fun  

When you go to a normal movie theater, chances are your film be in plain old 2D. You just sit in your seat and stare at the flat images on the screen. A bit old fashioned, don’t you think?  At Ripley’s, guests will enjoy a totally immersive experience known as 5D.

So, what makes Ripley’s 5D? First off, the movie theater uses the newest 3D digital technology, so the images on the screen really jump out at you. This is the same software big budget  3D movies like Avatar and The Hobbit use to add depth to their films.

However, Ripley’s is a lot more than just 3D glasses. This movie theater also uses a state of the art motion simulator! As you watch the film, your seat will move up and down and side to side, so you will really feel like you’re part of the movie. Other special effects, including real wind and snow, will blur the line between reality and fiction.

Now Showing

Guests at Ripley’s Moving Theater will see an action packed double feature. Cosmic Race is a thrilling space adventure reminiscent of Star Wars. Snow Ride is an unpredictable wintry trip that will leave you begging for more. Each film is 15 minutes in length. Adult (ages 12 and up) tickets cost $13.99 and children’s tickets cost $7.99. Guests must be at least 43 inches tall to ride.

Combo Packages

You can save up to 33% when you see at least two Ripley’s attractions. A great choice for the combo package is Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium. This one of a kind Gatlinburg attraction specializes in all things strange, bizarre, and weird. Click on the link to learn  more about Ripley’s Odditorium!