New Exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium Will Make You Say “EEWWW”!

17 Mar

Ripley's Aquarium of the SmokiesAre you ready to get grossed out? The newest exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is all about how aquatic animals use slime! If your kids like goo, glop, and gunk, they’ll absolutely love this one of a kind Gatlinburg attraction.

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Hands on Activities

When you come to the Slime Exhibit, be prepared to get your hands a little dirty! Visitors will have the chance to touch a real jellyfish at the Jellyfish Encounter. Once you put your hands one of these gooey little guys, you’ll see that they really do feel like jelly! In addition to the Jellyfish Encounter, guests will participate in more than 30 different exciting, interactive, and educational activities.

Slimy Sea Life

The new exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium will feature some of the slimiest animals under the sea! Have you ever heard of a mudpuppy? No, they’re not dogs who need a bath! Mudpuppies are actually a type of salamander that live underwater and coat themselves in a protective layer of mucus. Guests will see this slippery little amphibians up close and personal at Ripley’s!

Another unique animal you’ll see in the exhibit is the soapfish. This black and white striped fish has quite a defense mechanism: when it gets stressed it will give off a toxic slime that kills any fish that approaches it!

In addition to the mudpuppy and the soap fish, you’ll have a chance to see moray eels, parrot fish, hagfish, clownfish, snails, slugs, worms, and many more slimy sea creatures.


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