Best Places to View the Scenic Smoky Mountains

04 Jun

Scenic Smoky MountainsThe scenic Smoky Mountains National Park offers an incredible series of adventures. You can hike the crest of a mountain, watch the most amazing sunset, ride a horse along the hundreds of miles of trails or view elk, black bear or white tailed deer in their natural habitats. There’s also fishing and visiting close to 80 historic churches, homes, schools and other preserved structures.

But, at the end of the day, the most remarkable thing will be finding the perfect spot for taking in a full view of the scenic Smoky Mountains. Bordered between North Carolina and Tennessee, these majestic mountains run southwest to northeast, totaling over 500,000 acres. You can take home all the pictures and video you want. There will be no better record of the view than the image that will remain in the back of your mind’s eye.

The trick is finding the perfect spot for taking in this grand site.

Gatlinburg Sky Lift

Gatlinburg is a wonderful town filled with great restaurants and specialty shopping. There’s winter skiing, arcades, music, an aquarium and so much more. It’s also home to the Sky Lift. It’s an exhilarating ride to the top of the scenic Smoky Mountains with an opportunity to take in everything. At night, you’ll be treated to a stunning illumination of the nestled community, splendid mountains and the lush forests of natural beauty.

Aerial Tram at Ober Gatlinburg

It’s one of the largest tramways in the country and for a reasonable price will take you from downtown Gatlinburg to the Ski Resort and Amusement Park. The bonus is the 120 passenger tram gives you a wonderful chance to view the scenic Smoky Mountains in all its splendor. Vistas surround you from every angle as the tram travels to the top of Mt. Harrison.

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Opening June 2013, the Wheel will be located on The Island in Pigeon Forge. It will stand over 200 feet tall. It will have 42 gondolas with seating up to eight in each. Sitting at the foot of the National Park, it promises an unparalleled view of the mountains from all sides. All glass and climate controlled, this will be a spectacular opportunity to enjoy the scenic Smoky Mountains. The Island also has Arcade City, a shooting gallery and the classic Venetian Carousel, making it a great destination for the entire family.

Exploring the wildflowers, picnicking, waterfalls, trying to see even a portion of the over 300 species of birds living in the park, there’s a vast array of activity to engage in. Just make sure that before you leave, you find time to take in the panoramic beauty of the scenic Smoky Mountains.